56 of the Best Birds to See in Washington State

Washington has some beautiful birds, and as of October 2019, the state's list of birds contained 518 species. Of them, 162 are considered accidental; 11 were introduced to North America or directly in Washington. 

According to Audubon Washington, the state's natural habitats draw millions of breeding, migrating, and resting birds, including 75 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) including 14 Global Important Bird Areas.

We start our list with the birds that are threatened in the state of Washington.

Birds threatened by climate change


1. Osprey

2. Short-earred Owl

3. Ruffed Grouse

4. Wood Duck

5. Red Knot

6. Pygmy Nuthatch

Ducks, geese, and swans (waterfowl) 

1. Snow goose

2. Ruddy duck

3. Ring-necked duck

4. Wood duck

5. Cackling goose


1. Red-throated Loon

2. Arctic Loon

3. Pacific Loon

4. Common Loon

5. Yellow-billed Loon

New world vultures, hawks, falcons


1. Cooper's hawk

2. Red-tailed hawk

3. Turkey vulture

4. Peregrine falcon

5. Prairie falcon

Swifts and hummingbirds

1. Black Swift

2. Rufous hummingbird

3. Ruby-throated hummingbird

4. Anna's hummingbird

5. Costa's hummingbird


1. Downy woodpecker

2. Pileated woodpecker

3. Hairy woodpecker

Other birds we love? The mountain bluebird, Kingfisher, scrub-jay, meadowlark, yellow-rumped warbler, bald eagle, oriole, red-breasted sapsucker, northern shoveler, Swainson's thrush, American robin, Steller's Jay, Blue jay, Pelican, Barn Owl, Great Blue Heron, Blackbird, Evening Grosbeak, Western Grebe, Calliope, Mourning Dove, Chickadee, Wilson's Warbler, Lincoln's Sparrow, Kinglet, Pine Siskin, and Birder.

The American Goldfinch is the Washington State bird!

Have you ever seen or heard of these wild birds? Please leave us a comment below!

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