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A Bill Could Allow Sunday Bowhunting in Massachusetts

Well, eventually at least.

While there is some confusion as to how the bill will actually work, one has been presented to the house that could lift the ban on Sunday bow hunting in Massachusetts. As you may have assumed,  most hunters are in favor of this bill. A similar bill was previously submitted but did not pass in the last session of the State's congress. This bill was submitted in January and introduced by members of both Democrat and Republican parties.

The bill would not immediately lift the ban on Sunday bow hunting in the state, however. It would expand the authority of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to permit it as it sees fit around the state. This means the department could permit it in areas that can support it while retaining the ban in others. Any changes that the division makes would have to be subject to public approval at hearings held by the Fisheries and Wildlife board.

Several sportsmen's groups have come out in support of Senate Bill S. 433. The Plymouth County League of Sportsmen and the Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council have come out in support of the bill. John Kellstrand, the president of the Massachusetts Sportsmen's Council is urging hunters to contact their local legislators to support this bill. Personally, I also think you should contact your representative, and if you don't know who that may be, you can find out at this link.

The hunting ban was placed to encourage church attendance on Sundays, and Massachusetts is one of three states that have a ban on Sunday hunting. Other states have been slowly lifting regulations on Sunday hunts to a great benefit to the states.