Georgia fishing

Bill Signed to Officially Raise Georgia Fishing and Hunting License Prices

There seems to be a pattern here. 

Another State in recent weeks announced that it would be raising State hunting and fishing license prices. This time, Georgia made the announcement and many locals in the State have raised some concerns. However, just like in Colorado, there are some very good reasons the State decided these increases were necessary. Either way, Georgia fishing and hunting licenses are going up starting July 1, 2017.

Before everyone from Georgia gets all up in arms about the license increase, it's only going to be a $5.00 raise for hunting licenses and a $6.00 raise for fishing licenses. This puts each at $15.00 for in-State residents. Combo options will also be available for $30. However, out-of-State residents are also going to see a hike.

With the new revenue from the increased prices, the State plans to hire 40 additional game wardens. According to the report, 47 counties currently operate without one. Also, the State will use what money is left over to add additional resources to improving department-managed infrastructure.

So overall, everyone who plans to hunt and fish in Georgia will pay a little more money. However, it sure seems what everyone is going to get from it, is going to be worth it. Besides, this is the first license hike for the State since 1992.

You can't argue too much with that.