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5 Infographics That Explain Why Anti-Hunters Are Wrong in a Nutshell

Most of the time, your average anti-hunter just doesn't know any pro-hunting facts

A war has been raging for decades with two very separate sides. The anti-hunting side wants hunting stopped and sees hunting as an outdated and cruel activity. The pro-hunting side basically sees it as just the opposite. Lucky for us hunters, the facts are on our side.

When overcharged emotion is taken out of the equation, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Well, on that note, the proof is actually in these five infographics, created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

1. Hunters aid the Environment

Yep. How many acres do anti-hunters pay for? Probably not many.

2. Hunters Support and Respect Regulations

Despite what you may hear about "drunk hunters" and how all hunters are really poachers, it just isn't true.

3. Hunters Save Species

It's hard to argue with pro-hunting facts that are backed up by dollars and cents. I doubt any unicorn frappuccino sales are going to help any wildlife populations. Don't worry. Our license fees and donations have got this covered. Thanks, though.

4. Hunters are Vital to Conservation

Without hunters, we just wouldn't have much in the way of any animal conservation. Can you really trust the government to do what is in anything's best interest?

5. Venison is Super Healthy to Eat

As if you didn't already know, venison is one of the healthiest meats to eat. However, we get it if you only feel ethical by letting someone else kill your free range, grass fed, chemically enhanced cow.