The Absolute Best New Technology to Come Out of the 2018 ATA Show

The ATA Show is a great place to find the next big thing. Here's whats new for 2018.

Every year we attend the ATA Show to catch up with old friends, meet new like-minded people, and of course, see what's new for the upcoming year.

There's technology for the actual hunt, technology that gets you there, and just about everything in between. The word "game changer" doesn't often come out of my mouth unless something really shakes the earth, but this year there's no doubt it was on the tip of my tongue.

Here are some of the coolest, eye catching technology to come out of the 2018 ATA Show you need to see.

12. Browning Dark Ops Pro XD Trail Camera

Browning Trail Cameras are typically built solid, with a quality design and consistently effective. But at the 2018 ATA Show, Browning came to the market with a new trail cam that really caught our eye. The Dark Ops Pro XD comes with two lenses.

The trail cam features their new Dual Camera Lens Technology, which utilizes a custom-tuned daytime camera lens to produce razor sharp daytime images, while the dedicated low light camera lens takes incredibly clear nighttime photos.

Advanced technology? We'd like to think so.

11. Gut Check Indicators

Here is a really cool product that we think will be something worth adding to your arsenal this hunting season. Gut Check Indicators makes an arrow wrap that indicates whether you've made a vital or gut shot.

This arrow wrap can easily be added to the arrows you already use, and allows for the digestive tract acid to change the color of the indicator to give you more detail of your shot.

If arrow wraps aren't your thing, they also have wipes available, which perform the same task, only you wipe your arrow after the shot. The wraps and wipes both work on whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, bear, hogs, and turkey.

10. Primos Proof Cellular

We have seen many cellular trail cameras on the market for a couple years now, so you may be asking why we included the Primos Proof Cellular on the list of best new technology. The answer's simple, it's the first cell trail camera to come in under $200.

That's right, this bad boy has a MSRP of $199 and is available for both the AT&T and Verizon networks. There is no monthly contract required, but it can cost right around $20 a month for your subscription service. For someone like me, that's far cheaper than the gas I pay to drive out and check my cameras.

The Primos Proof has a simple, one touch design with an easy to use setup.

9. Quietkat Rover 750

New for 2018, Quietkat has released a battery-powered bike that is geared towards many budgets.

The new Rover 750 is a single speed with impressively high torque. It's geared great for the woods and rugged outdoor terrain. The Quietkat is a great alternative to side-by-sides or 4-wheelers, and can get you where they can't.

The best part about Quietkat (other than the fact that they are extremely quiet and last for nearly 20 miles on a charge) is that they are ideal for getting the hunter out to the woods and still have the capability of carrying the hunter and their harvest back.

The hauling power is massive; these things can haul as much weight as a deer while still being able to provide mobility and transportation for the hunter. Who wouldn't want one? Financing is also available for as little as $52 a month, making this nice and affordable.

8. Mossy Oak Gamekeeper 100 Capsule Feeder

Here's a product that should get any property manager or deer hunting enthusiast excited. This Mossy Oak Gamekeeper 100 Capsule Feeder is designed for the hunter who wants to save their time and their back.

It is a one person feeding machine, and makes it so you no longer have to climb, stand, swing, or machine feed your feeder. Capable of holding 100 pounds, the Gamekeeper 100 runs off of a battery with a solar panel charger, all included in the purchase.

7. Raven In-Arrow Tracking System

Let's just say we saw this coming, but didn't know it would look or operate anything like this. The Raven In-Arrow Tracking System has a very cool design and is a surefire way to increase your chances of recovering your game.

The insert is a 75-grain, 24-hour battery operated design that increases your arrows FOC, which ultimately increases your accuracy. The device is activated upon the shot and transmits its location up to five miles.

That adds up to a really cool tool for those looking to sport some new technology in their next hunting season.

6. New Cirrus Wind Indicator with LED Technology

This is an item I am super excited about. The new Cirrus Wind Indicator for 2018 is consistent with their original Wind Indicator that operates off of eVape Technology. Vapor has much less of a molecular weight than other wind indicators (like talcum powder), so it is extremely sensitive to not just the wind, but to thermals as well.

The best part of the new Cirrus Wind Indicator is it now includes new LED Technology, which allows you to check the wind in complete darkness. On top of that, this unit also acts as a power bank and can charge your devices through the use of a USB in the field.

So basically it is the Swiss Army knife of hunting preparation.

5. Victory Xtorsion Arrows

Attention all bowhunters who are looking for a lot of kinetic energy: This may be your new arrow.

The Victory Xtorsion provides the kinetic dynamics of the popular Easton FMJ without the issues of wrapping carbon with aluminum. The Xtorsion is geared to be a heavier arrow with that proven metal durability, but its makeup still allows for flexibility.

It's unlike other arrows that incorporate metal into their build. The stainless steel is woven into the carbon for increased strength and durability. The result is a penetrating machine of an arrow that is reliable and accurate. 

4. IQ Define Laser Rangefinder Bow Sight

2018 was definitely the year for the laser rangefinder bow sight, but the IQ Define comes in at a much more affordable price than others.

IQ Bowsights are known for quality and innovation, and have now integrated a laser rangefinder system directly into a premium-quality 5-pin archery sight.

The one-touch button rangefinder displays the range on a vivid blue OLED conveniently placed within the user's line of sight. The nice thing about that is you still have your pins there in case of any mishaps on the rangefinder's end.

3. Tactacam 5.0

With so many people who love to capture video of their hunt and share their story, the Tactacam 5.0 is bound to find itself in the hands of many come this hunting season.

We were able to see firsthand the Tactacam 4.0 last year at the 2017 ATA Show, and also got to use it in the field during the season. I loved the one-touch on and off button, the ability for the camera to mount to any weapon, and of course the fact that it is a point and shoot camera that we don't have to worry about after we turn it on.

Well, the new Tactacam 5.0 has all of those features and fit in a few more, too. The new camera has an 8x zoom, image stabilizing technology, and what's going to be considered a really cool feature: you can stream live to Facebook with it.

It's one thing to film your hunt with a POV camera, it's a different story to do it with a camera designed for hunting with zoom and focus capabilities.

2. Primos Surroundview 360

The newest grind blind that had everyone talking at the 2018 ATA Show was the Primos Double Bull with SurroundView technology.

The blind that has one-way see-through walls that allow you to look out won't allow the game to look in and see you. It's set to truly become the only blind you'll want to consider, because it's that good.

1. Garmin Xero Bow Sight

The Garmin Xero is already being called the bow sight that takes out all of the guesswork. This thing has had everyone talking since its release.

The Garmin Xero is a bow sight that has a laser rangefinder built in, calculates the distance at a push of a button, and then responds with the proper "sight" to use on the shot.

Gone are multiple pins, fumbling for a rangefinder, and extra movement in the treestand. This bow sight can even connect to other Garmin devices and has the capability of telling you where your animal was standing when you pulled the trigger on your release.

So much technology in one unit brought the Garmin Xero to be number one on our list.

But truthfully, there was all sorts of smart, high-tech gadgets that were on display, and it all seemed logical, reasonable, and had the sort of "It's about time!" feeling I know we've inevitably reached.

Now we just have to gather the best of the best to put it to the test!

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