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IQ Bowsight Unveils a More Affordable Laser Rangefinder Sight

iq bowsight rangefinder sight
IQ Bowsight

The new IQ Define takes the guesswork out of shooting up to 99 yards.

This year's ATA Show in Indianapolis has released some pretty amazing products. This year, it seemed like the new topic of discussion was the new archery sights with the laser rangefinders built in. Of course, that comes with a price tag, as innovative technology isn't cheap.

IQ Bowsights, the company that brought you the revolutionary retina lock alignment technology, designed a laser rangefinder archery sight for 2018 as well. The only difference is this sight is much more affordable for archery enthusiasts.

iq bowsight laser rangefinder sight
IQ Bowsight DEFINE

The new IQ Bowsight for 2018 is called the DEFINE. IQ Bowsights are known for quality and innovation, and have once again raised the bar by integrating a laser rangefinder system directly into a premium-quality, 5-pin archery sight.

DEFINE's laser rangefinder system provides exceptional resolution with accuracy to +/- 1 yard. It's instantly displayed on a vivid, blue OLED, and conveniently placed within the user's line of sight. The nice thing about this sight is you still have your pins there in case of failure on the rangefinder's end.

iq bowsight ata 2018 rangefinder bowsight

The DEFINE has a one-touch, trigger-activated scan mode and full-angle compensation that'll take the guesswork out of moving or stationary targets for up to 2 minutes. It'll eliminate the additional movement associated with reaching for a handheld rangefinder. Simply touch the bow-mounted external trigger, view the inline yardage display, select the proper pin and execute the shot. It really doesn't get any easier than that.

We all know things can happen in a matter of seconds, especially during the rut when deer come into range just as quickly as they go out of range. Having a laser rangefinder built into your sight completely eliminates the step of having to reach for your rangefinder. In doing so, the motion can cause the deer to spook. Also, in the time it takes to use a rangefinder, you could already be at full draw.

The new IQ DEFINE MSRP is set at $349.99, which is a price point many can be happy with. For more information, be sure to visit the IQ Bowsight website.

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IQ Bowsight Unveils a More Affordable Laser Rangefinder Sight