primos see through blind surround view
Primos Surround View

Primos Releases New Double Bull Ground Blind with See-Through Walls

The first ground blind without a blind spot, the Primos Double Bull?"? SurroundView™.

It's time to view the next big thing in modern day ground blinds.

The new Double Bull blinds with SurroundView from Primos, which were just officially announced and unveiled at the annual ATA Show, have exclusive one-way, see-through camo walls.

Take a look:

The day has finally come where you can sit in a blind and not have any blind spots.

Full disclosure: I had this idea years ago, but I never thought it was truly possible. I guess I'll have to leave these sorts of things to the experts at Primos!

From the outside looking in, it appears to be your normal Double Bull Ground Blind that Primos is known for. But when you take that first step inside, it almost looks like virtual reality. I would bet being inside this thing would take some adjustment; how can you not feel exposed?! In truth, it looks like moving just a few steps away creates complete concealment.

There are several models with the new SurroundView available, and most come with a moveable solid black wall to serve as a backdrop. Multiple window configurations and sizes amongst the options are a nice added bonus.

I wanted to know how it worked, and Primos helped explain a bit on their website: "Thousands of very small holes dot the fabric. On the outside, the camo print and natural light force human and animal eyes to focus on the camo, making the holes "invisible." On the inside, the black print and darkened interior allow your eyes to focus on the holes, so you see "through" the fabric."

The prices are set to start at $299 for the SurroundView 180° Blind. For each sequential size you can expect to add on another $100. They're covered by the same lifetime warranty as previous Double Bull models.

The information we gathered mentioned a February 1, 2018 arrival in stores for the SurroundView Blinds.

This certainly looks like something worth paying attention to, and it very well could be an earth-shaking move in the ground blind game.

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