East Coast Camping
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5 Best East Coast Camping Destinations

Camping is a great pastime in our culture, and its participation is definitely on the upswing. Every U.S. state has great campgrounds for both the car camping crowd and the primitive camping enthusiasts alike. From Florida to Maine and back with North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia right in the middle, you can't go wrong on the east coast unless you just don't go at all. There are also great camping areas in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and right down the Atlantic coast for those seeking to get away from it all and unhook the technology, if just for a few days. There are so many amazing, comfortable, and welcoming parks and campgrounds across the nation that it would be nearly impossible to even list them all. It all depends on what it is that you desire the most: RV sites, state forests, or a sandy beach to satisfy your camping needs. Some desire miles of trails, while others just want tent sites near the water for a getaway. Many simply want to enjoy some time outdoors with the family.



Hermit Island

Hermit Island is located on the shores of Casco Bay in Phippsburg, Maine. It may look and seem like just another small and narrow island, but this facility offers some 270 campsites which are situated in a variety of natural settings ranging from sandy beachfront to a forested, backwoods interior. Between the beaches, dunes, and trails there's all sorts of fun to be had: kayaking, fishing, and swimming are available for those who love to have the water just a short walk away. Most of the sites are meant for tent camping, but there are a few cabins and RV campsites available as well.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Best East Coast Camping


The best part about this coastal North Carolina destination is that it actually has four different campgrounds situated inside of the park. All four of these campgrounds have tent, trailer, and motor home sites to accommodate every camper, although RV hookups are limited to a few select sites. Most of these campgrounds offer running toilets, potable water, and seasonal showers with cold water. This is an amazing spot to view the Atlantic Ocean while seated in your favorite camp chair, listening to the wind come across the sand. As a bonus, you'll be right near the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a historic landmark well worth checking out.

Assateague Island

best camping on the east coast

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If you want to see real wild horses and wildflowers, all on an amazingly beautiful barrier island, then Assateague is a great destination. Camping is available only in the Maryland part of Assateague Island, but it is fairly easy to do some research and get a site to pitch your tent right on the sand just across the dunes from the open Atlantic. It should be said that this camping trip needs some planning due to the fact that it is very open to the wind, tends to be full of mosquitos at certain times, and features wild horses that try to steal your food! Even so, the campground staff routinely travel through the sites to check on everyone and even shoo any horses that try to stick their noses into your cooler.

Stephen C. Foster State Park

This southern Georgia state park is known for being one of the primary entrances to the legendary Okefenokee Swamp. The camping is great and comfortable here, but the paddling and photographic opportunities are top notch. Add to that the fact that the fishing in the lake is excellent for warmouth, bluegill, catfish, and chain pickerel. Choose from campsites, cottages, a lodge, or pioneer camp, and be ready for a really cool experience.

Anastasia State Park

This northern Florida park is located just south of historic St. Augustine and on the Atlantic coast. This area is known for so much more than camping; the beach combing crowd, swimming enthusiasts, hiking, wildlife-viewing, and boating activities add a lot to a trip. There are 1,600 acres to this state park on the Atlantic coast near Anastasia Island and it's a camper's dream. Bicycling, canoeing, paddleboarding, and kayaking all are within easy reach of the 140 campsites.

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