Go Beyond Traditional With These Strange and Sturdy Cat Scratchers

Cats are going to scratch, but they aren't trying to be difficult (most of the time).

It sharpens and cleans their claws. It's also the cat's way of marking his territory. It's Kitty's way of getting a manicure, and of declaring that your house is her home. It's an integral part of cathood, which is why it's important to find the best cat scratchers out there.

But scratching can, of course, be destructive. So if you don't want a slashed sofa, tattered carpeting or a shredded screen door, you have to provide an outlet for it. Setting up the right scratcher (or two) can prevent you from getting cat scratch fever, either figuratively or literally.

The scratcher used to come in one style—the scratching post. But now all kinds of creativity has been applied to this crucial feline furnishing. Let's take a look at our favorite options.

Best Cat Scratchers

Petfusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This artsy-looking super-sturdy cat scratcher will go well with just about any décor in your home. And your cat will love it as a place to catch a manicure or a space to lounge around. The unique design gives kitty a number of angles and surfaces to stimulate his interest. This scratcher is made of strong, high-quality recycled cardboard. Included is premium USA catnip to place on the lounge (though we doubt any enticement will be needed). (Editor's Note: We've bought 3 of these over the course of our cat's life because she adores shredding them so much.)


SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

We've had this scratching post in our home since we got our first cat 14 years ago. Shockingly, it's still going strong and now services both our cats in style. The second one we purchased for the upstairs seems to be made from the same high quality materials, so this is one company that isn't cheaping out. It's surprisingly sturdy, which is a rarity these days where cheap imitation products are the norm, and cats love it! It's tall enough that they can stretch out while they scratch, and manages to (mostly) keep them away from your furniture.


Petfusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

These shelves include a scratching surface made of sisal (that plant from the Agave family that rope is made from) and lounging surface made of plush. The shelves themselves are made from engineered wood. They attach securely to the wall with zinc drywall anchors (included). This helps cats satisfy their desire to jump and climb. A sisal-ing good time will be had by all.


Petfusion Three Sided Cat Scratching Post

A perceptive Amazon Pets reviewer points out that cats were revered in Egypt, and that this Petfusion cat scratcher is shaped like a pyramid. Sold! Made of high quality recycled corrugated cardboard, it also includes silicone floor grippers. It's great for perching and climbing, and has a little cubby hole to pique kitty's interest. Included is premium USA organic catnip leaf.


Cat Scratching Toys DJ Deck

Everybody to the dance floor! One of Amazon Pets' most popular picks, this 'turntable' is made of corrugated cardboard, and actually spins as your cool cat paws it. Tone arm is movable. It doesn't produce actual music (probably a good thing). But if you play some while your cat is scratching, you'll have an awesome video.


Lovely Caves Mushroom Cat Scratcher

Your furry friend will be made in the shade with this whimsical mushroom cat scratcher. It's crafted of felt, rope and artificial turf, adding a pop of fun to the room while directing his energy away from your favorite chair.

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