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Bear Gifts Deer Bones To Guard Dog So He Can Rummage Through Garbage

This is so funny we had to share with other dog lovers. This Tweet was posted by Jesse Jordan of Northern Ontario, as his dog Brickleberry or Brick, a mastiff/hound/part Beagle mutt is his 'guard dog' and sleeps outdoors.

Jordan was hoping his guard dog would keep the bears away from his trash at night. It's so funny! The bear brings the dog deer bones so he can access the trash on the property. From the Twitter thread, it's obvious he becomes frustrated.

"Although I basically handed my dog this position of power, it's become very clear that he has no idea how to actually do the job properly; now not only do I have to clean up a huge mess, I see him putting his own self-interest first. Clearly, I have no choice but to impeach him."

This happens not once but three times! He no longer relies on his dog to protect them from bears clearly. interviewed Jordan and it was obvious something suspicious was going on after the first incident. These were not bones Jordan gave Brick at any point.

"I declared the bear my nemesis, which was probably pretty awkward for my dog to hear because as someone pointed out in the thread, it's pretty clear that Brick is friends with this bear at this point," Jordan jokingly says.

Looks like the bear and Brick have established a relationship at this point.

Doesn't Brick look happy? Jordan tells People that Brick is great with bears and kids. What's really funny is that Jordan tells People the second time it happened, he was more cautious about a possible visitor going through his trash.

"I went and peeked out the front door. Brick was on the step wagging his tail, garbage was undisturbed," he says. "Thinking nothing of it, I went to bed and woke up to a bigger mess, and brick chomping on a bigger bone."

Yes! the bear brought an even bigger bone for his new friend. I must say that at first, I thought this odd couple couldn't possibly be friends but we've seen and written all kinds of stories about unique friendships!

It sounds like from the story that Brick chases off other predators so he's still doing his job!

Would you let your dog befriend a bear? Please leave a comment below. 

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