Bear Security Camera
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Bear Bites Security Cam, Gives Unique "Down the Throat" Angle

This curious bear decided to make a snack out of a security camera!

Ever wonder what it would be like to caught be the jaws of a large black bear? Obviously, most of us hope we never get the chance to find out what that experience is like. However, this security camera footage out of Washington gives us a pretty good idea of how terrifying it could be.

The curious bruin in this video decided to do more than just check out a homeowner's security camera, it decided to give it a proper taste test!

The results are one of the more unique bear videos you will ever see. It gives and up close and personal look at the bear's big choppers and his throat.

We do not know about you, but we hope this is the closest we come to seeing the inside of a curious bear's mouth! The bear managed to damage the security camera to the point that it quit working. We are not surprised given the black bear's large teeth and the strength of their jaws.

While some people do not like the idea of security cameras everywhere, it is videos like this that make us appreciate their presence. Here at Wide Open Spaces, we have seen several videos of large predators that wandered into suburban areas in the past. It is becoming more and more common as animals lose habitat and start wandering into areas where humans live. In some cases, the homeowners had no idea animals like this were in the area until their cameras captured them passing through. It is better to find out about these animals that way than through an attack on a person or a pet.

If you do happen to live in bear country, take caution to make your yard less appealing to wandering bruins. Do not leave your trash out in an easily accessible place overnight. Some areas recommend you do not put out food for birds or squirrels that also may draw unwanted bruin visitors.

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