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Security Camera Rolls as Mountain Lion Drags Deer Off Porch

A home security camera catches a crazy nature scene from a homeowner's porch.

A Bay Area, California couple likely didn't expect their home security camera to be used as a trail camera, but that's exactly what happened recently.

However, a word of caution: this graphic content may not be suitable for some.

In this crazy video, a pair of eyes can be seen shifting around outside the home's window. After the home's automatic lights sense movement and turn on, this pair of eyes is quickly attributed to a large mountain lion. To make matters worse, the lion then drags off a recent deer kill. And it's all caught on tape.

As the video closes, the lion leaves the home with his supper in tow. In an interview with ABC 7 News, the homeowners explain that the big cat was unfazed by their barking dogs. Undoubtedly, many others in the neighborhood also have small children and pets.

As land development continues into rural areas, animals like this continue to lose habitat. Unfortunately, this drop in habitat means more close encounters will be likely. For example, here's a recent story of two mountain lions killed for eating a seal on a homeowners dock. However, the good news is that there are states devoting resources to support these animals. Click here to see one way that Nebraska is addressing the issue.

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Security Camera Rolls as Mountain Lion Drags Deer Off Porch