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Young Cougar Pair Killed After Eating Seal on Dock

Cougar Cubs

Two young cougars eliminated after enjoying moonlit beachside dinner.

It’s a story that, in the beginning, has the making of a romance novel. A pair gathers for dinner overlooking the water as the sun sets, enjoying a dockside date night. This story, however, does not end with daisies and rainbows. Two cougars in British Columbia caused quite a stir with their dockside dinners recently.

Cougar sleeping on dock
Gladys Miller

The pair had killed a seal and dragged it onto the dock of a local resident. At night, the pair would return to feast on the carcass.

The pair of cougars had become well-known in the small town of Ocean Falls, B.C. According to resident Wilf Cartier, the cats had been in and around the area residence for some time. They had been walking into buildings, scouting yards, and even prowling on porches. Recently, in an interview with CBC, he added, “They’re getting pretty bold and brazen. I’ve watched the femalethe big oneand she was lying on the dock beside the seal. She wasn’t eating it but almost like she was protecting it.”

Gladys Miller, Cougars
Gladys Miller

Local wildlife experts and city officials decided that the two animals were a threat to human health after monitoring their behavior. This led the officials to have the two cats killed. According to their study, the animals were becoming too comfortable with the community life, and experts believed that relocation would not provide a long-term solution for the two animals.

According to Jeff Tyre with the local conservation office, “The two cats who were destroyed were highly habituated and conditioned. We would have just put the problem onto another community, or they simply would have died a long, drawn-out death in unfamiliar territory.”

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Young Cougar Pair Killed After Eating Seal on Dock