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Graphic: Bear Kills Deer Right in Someone’s Backyard

Nature is a rough place, and not for the weak.

It is even more rough if you are a prey animal like this deer.

This family’s suburban backyard was the scene of a gruesome bear attack. Can you imagine sitting on your porch on a nice summer evening when…

WARNING: Graphic content.

When we think of gruesome bear attacks we usually imagine the deep Alaskan wilderness. This suburban backyard is indeed not a remote area deep in the backcountry.

This video, worthy of National Geographic, was shot in a family’s backyard. That is definitely a front row seat for an intense nature clip. The sounds coming out of that deer could never be fabricated.

This very hungry bear did not care where it was or who was watching. As the old saying goes, “it kills because it is a bear.”

Next time you are lounging in your backyard, keep your eyes open. A bear might be watching you.


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Graphic: Bear Kills Deer Right in Someone’s Backyard