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Night Owl Wireless Security Cameras Offer Significant Home Security

Night Owl Wireless Security Cameras come in handy when you're out of town.

Security cameras are gaining popularity for many reasons, from catching porch pirates, intruders, and even for some peace of mind over your home. Door peepholes are cool inventions and all, but surveillance systems offer the luxury of keeping an eye on your front porch from your smartphone. This means Night Owl Wireless Security Cameras are perfect security when you're away.

Many people who live in secluded areas can benefit from outdoor wireless and wired cameras. Wouldn't you like to know that it's just the Amazon Prime delivery man on your porch rather than thinking it's a trespasser?

Night Owl Security has incredible camera systems for outdoor use. All you need is an internet connection to use them.

Night Owl Security Cameras Systems

1. Night Owl Wired 1080p HD Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Add-on Cameras with Built-in Motion-Activated Spotlights

This HD video security camera is Amazon's choice for Night Owl Cameras. It has built-in motion detection spotlights and has L2 color boost working in your favor. Thanks to that technology, your wireless security system will record in full color throughout the night.

2. Night Owl 8 Channel HD Wired Video Security DVR with 1TB Hard Drive, Black

The wired camera does require a Night Owl Security DVR, which is sold separately. The Night Owl DVR has a pre-installed hard drive to store the footage. You'll be able to play the footage that your security camera filmed from Apple iPhones, iPads, or Android devices (It's compatible with standard analog, 720p, and 1080p wireless cameras).

There are no monthly fees to use this system, which is why many people prefer this method over popular security systems like ADT.

3. Night Owl Security 2 Pack Add-On 1080P Wired Bullet Cameras

If night vision is imperative for your video security system, consider this home security camera, also from Night Owl Security. This wired bullet camera has up to 100 feet of night vision. This security camera system is only compatible with the wired HD analog DVR.

Keep in mind that it is wired, but it does come with 60 feet of cable per camera.

4. Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC Powered Camera

This wireless infrared camera has 2-way audio. That's right; you'll be able to use this as an intercom. If you want to ask who's out there, the person will be able to answer you. All you need to do is download the Night Owl App to use this function.

It's worth noting that the wireless range doesn't seem as vast as wired outdoor cameras. You'll have 20 feet of clear night vision and an 88-degree field of view with this IP camera. It isn't a battery-powered camera, it runs on AC, and each camera comes with a power adapter (Compatible with the WNVR201 series or can be used as a stand-alone).

This camera has real-time dual-sensor technology, meaning it's detecting motion and alerting you right away. Since it records activity and action, it'll eliminate up to 90% of false alerts to your smart device. No one wants a warning for every subtle motion.

For more wireless security, check out Simtek's wireless gun sensors.

This post was originally published on February 11, 2020.