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Baby Monkey, Puppies Play Together in Explosion of Adorableness

Two puppies and a baby monkey square off in a showdown to find out who is the cutest little critter walking.

Min is a monkey living in the Kampong Chhang Province of Campbodia. It's an area dominated by hard-working fishing villages, as well as many who specialize in rice production. The south Asian country's most popular tourist attraction is Angkor Wat, which means "Temple City", a giant Hindu temple complex to the north that's considered the largest religious monument in the world. Infamously, perhaps, were the Angkor Wat monkeys living here that terrorized tourists in recent years.

Thankfully, not all Cambodian monkeys are vindictive thieves. Min The Monkey proved that in one, adorable video.

Baby Monkey Snacks, Plays With Puppies

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After getting some scratches and relaxing in his bed, Min popped down to say hello and roll around with two puppy friends, both of whom aren't sure whether to lick Min's face or run for the hills. This trio of adorable younglings work to figure each other out, until Min ultimately goes for a climb and the pups lay down for a much-needed rest.

The Monkey Baby YouTube channel documents Min's growth and has since December 2018. Early in 2019, Min was assigned to a wildlife protection organization where he's living today. From taking baths to eating snacks to playing with all his dog friends, Min's showcasing the beauty of the natural world: No matter what you are — dog, monkey, donkey or human — friendship isn't far away if you know where to look.

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