50 Fish Puns That Will Have You and Your Friends Kraken Up

Ever try to think of a good pun but just end up floundering? Well, we're here to kelp help. Animal puns have been a go-to for dads and friends who think they're comedians for years. There are your classic dog punscat puns, whale puns, and even snake puns—but if you're really looking to shake things up, why not give fish puns a go? Fish come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so there are as many potential puns as there are fish in the sea!

Whether you're fishing for laughs or trawling for trouble, here are 50 fish puns you can share with a fish-loving friend for a whale of a good time. Let's get kraken!

octopus swimming in the ocean

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1. That's a bit sus-fish-ious.

2. You gotta be squidding me!

3. Come on, I didn't do it on porpoise.

4. I'm not like other gills.

5. You're full of carp.

6. Not bad, but I cod do betta.

7. Stop being so shellfish.

8. Sorry, I didn't manta make you angry.

9. There's no need to be so koi.

10. Excuse me, I'm a bit octo-pied at the moment.

11. There's a time and plaice for fish puns.

12. Don't pass up on this oppor-tuna-ty!

13. You have to bite the mullet eventually.

14. You're one in a krill-ion.

15. Betta late than never.

16. C'mon, give me the benefit of the trout.

17. I bait I can make a better fish pun than you!

18. Be careful what you fish for.

19. Carp, you cod me red-handed!

20. I've dolphinitely heard that one before.

Two dolphins in the ocean

21. I wouldn't wish that on my worst anemone.

22. Salmon will be with you in a minute.

23. You're going to need to speak up, I'm hard of herring.

24. Shellfish? No thanks, I'm on a low-crab diet.

25. Could you ask the waiter to turtle up the bill?

26. I'd love to stay, but I whale-y must go.

27. I shad've stayed in bed today.

28. This isn't eely my thing, but I'll give it a fry.

29. Don't forget, you roe me 20 bucks!

30. I'll sea you later!

Moray eel looking emerging from rock

31. No more fish puns, you guys are krilling me.

32. You really dodged a mullet on that one.

33. Herring all these fish puns is giving me a haddock.

34. Don't hesitate to ap-loach me about anything.

35. You're really good at this, you must be a born-mackerel.

36. This is a bream come true.

37. Go take a pike buddy.

38. I won't tell a sole, my lips are seal-ed.

39. This is of-fish-al business.

40. You better watch out, I've got a dace up my sleeve.

School of mullet in the ocean - fish puns

41. No more fish puns, I can't take this albacore!

42. Put yourself in salmon else's shoes.

43. The gar is very low to make a good fish pun.

44. Hey! my ones are bream of the crop!

45. Don't forget a-trout me!

46. I've worked this job for so long I'm like a well-oiled sardine.

47. What's your favorite TV show? Mine is How I Met Char Mother.

48. You're just herring things.

49. If you need anything let minnow!

50. I hope you're fin-ished with all these fish puns.

Don't worry, we are. But there are so many fish species that this list of fish puns could have gone on and on. Fish fan or not, we hope you'll get a good laugh from these fish puns!

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