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Baby Donkey Just Can't Even Contain His Excitement

There aren't many things cuter than baby donkeys. They are small, awkward, and just a little bit silly looking. It's all wrapped up in one adorable package! The horse-like animals stay on the smaller side, which is another charming trait they have going for them—especially miniature donkeys. They also have funny names. For example, a male donkey is an ass, a female is a jenny, and a baby is called a foal, like a horse, zebra, and other equines.

One little donkey, in particular, is just too cute for words. A YouTube video posted by Samantha Schuster showcases a donkey who is just under two weeks old. He is having the time of his life in a corral with his mother. Watch as the baby donkey just can't contain his excitement to be alive:

The baby starts out by nuzzling his mom, who is laying down in the middle of the corral. But, he soon changes modes and gets the zoomies This little guy is less than two weeks old and is already giving his jenny mama a headache. But, man, is he cute.

This little donkey must have been watching some wild mustangs, because all he wants to do is run and buck. Luckily, the boards along the sides of the corral are there to keep him safe. Eventually, when he is a bigger boy, he will go out into the pastures to run and jump and play with all of the other donkeys. Then he will have all the room in the world, and his poor momma won't feel like she is spinning in circles watching him.

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This post was originally published on October 17, 2018.

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