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Awesome Underwater Footage of Drop-Shot Fishing for Smallies

This crystal-clear underwater footage will have you daydreaming about spring fishing.

Tim Little and Matt Allen of Tactical Bassin have given anglers a little something to fuel their daydreams until spring arrives. They're drop-shotting for smallmouth bass in crystal-clear water and the action is enough to get your blood pumping.

For many of us, it's still ice fishing season, but still, it's fun to think about the warmer weather right around the corner. And of course, warm spring temperatures bring spawning smallies.

Get a load of how these smallmouth bass react to the lure as it hits.

Drop-shot fishing is a finesse technique that's very effective, especially for hefty smallmouth bass. Check out this video of Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling as he aptly demonstrates how to drop shot for big smallies. You can learn a lot from underwater footage like this.

The Tactical Bassin guys admit, "We were amazed to see that the fish's dorsal fins stand up as soon as the baits touch the surface of the water. Before they can see the worm they're already on high alert, waiting for it to arrive."

They also indicate that the bass were back on their beds within 20 seconds of being caught.

This video doesn't quite make me want to put away my tip-ups and ice auger just yet, but it's nice to do a little daydreaming about warm-weather fishing again.

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