Matt Allen Loses a 15-Pound Bass Right at the Net...It Was SO Close!

Everyone loves a good fish story, and this one is a doozy. Matt Allen recounts the day that he lost a 15-pound largemouth bass right at the net.

We've all got fish stories of big fish we've lost (are there any other kind of fish that we lose?). Matt Allen, of Tactical Bassin, has a big fish story. I guess we have a love/hate relationship with these stories: we hate that we lost the fish, but we love to tell the story of how we lost it. Well here is a truly great story of a truly monstrous fish - a 15 pound behemoth largemouth bass - that Matt Allen, lost.


That's right. 10 years ago. And he's still not over it.

Listen to him tell the story lie it was yesterday.

Now, that's how to tell a fish story!

It's all in the details, and it's amazing that Matt can remember so many details of this moment in his fishing life. This is a tale from a guy who bass fishes for a living, who's caught who knows how many big bass.

To say that Matt Allen is a passionate bass fisherman is a gross understatement. If you can't tell from this brilliant story of a 15 pound bass that escaped a foot from the net, well I don't know what else would convince you. Frankly, this story is better than watching it actually happen on video.

My favorite part of the tale? When Matt recounts how the bass, after throwing the hook, stopped and paused a few inches under the water and a foot from the net.

This bass was so big, she wasn't afraid of us. Even when I had battled her, she wasn't afraid of us. She sits there. She pauses. It was like she gathered herself. She went, 'Oh. Yeah. I won.'

And then she, no joke, she turned around... and like it had never happened, did this slow cruise right back. Headed for two feet of water back on that point. Like we were never there. She didn't dart off. She didn't bolt for deeper water. She just turned around and went home. Like, 'Oh, I'm gonna eat the next trout. I know not to eat this one with hooks on it anymore.'

Brilliant. Haunting. An epic story.

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