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10-Pound Largemouth Bass Caught from a Hobie Kayak [VIDEO]

A 10-pound largemouth bass is a monster bass in anyone's book. This hog seems even bigger lifted in a kayak.

"I am shaking like a leaf!" says Gene "Flukemaster" Jensen as he attempts to weigh the biggest largemouth he's ever caught.

Jensen caught his personal best largemouth on an unidentified lake in Alabama. "All they would do is give me the GPS coordinates," he says.

Fishing from a Hobie Pro Angler 14 kayak, Jensen hooks a monster largemouth on a BioSPawn VileCraw. He's beside himself with excitement as he brings the big bass in, thanking everyone from God to his YouTube channel subscribers.

It's pretty fun to see a guy get so excited and grateful over catching a big fish.

Jensen reveals that his previous personal best largemouth was a 9.98-pounder he caught during a tournament nine years earlier. This 10.78-pound beast broke double digits with room to spare.

Congratulations, Flukemaster! Hopefully you won't have to wait another nine years to break this record.

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10-Pound Largemouth Bass Caught from a Hobie Kayak [VIDEO]