ATN, Corp. and Mossy Oak Forge Partnership

We've got the scoop on the new Mossy Oak camouflage connection with ATN, Corp. digital optics. 

ATN, Corp. is further enhancing their feature rich rifle scopes with an unprecedented collaboration for the optic company. Through a partnership with Mossy Oak, ATN scopes and other digital optics will be available in some of the most effective camp patterns known to the outdoor world.

Mossy Oak has been a top-tier brand for generations, and develops and creates camouflage technologies that have allowed hunting enthusiasts more seclusion and coverage than they ever thought possible.

ATN optic customers can choose the best camo pattern for their environment or tastes. The patterns include Mossy Oak Elements Terra, Mossy Oak Bottomland, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country.

Hunters and outdoorsmen are already accustomed to camouflage clothes, guns, and other various hunting accessories. Add optics to that list, an entry that shouldn't have been excluded to begin with, and they're increasing their chances of staying completely hidden from wild game sight.

Bringing together Mossy Oak's camo technology and ATN's advanced rifle scopes makes for a unique and success-driven kind of experience. If you want to blend in with nature, then everything you're using should be covered in camo. Thankfully, Mossy Oak's camo tech is highly specialized, so you know you'll be making the right choice depending on your pursuits.

Typically products with premium camo patterns cost extra. Although ATN could charge a premium for this option, they've decided that isn't the option they want to go with.

The company is offering these premium Mossy Oak camo options absolutely free, with no difference in price from the regular, non-camo versions. You can make the option when purchasing select models, including the X-Sight 4K Pro Series, ThOR 4 Series, ThOR LT Series, and the ABL Series of products.

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