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Check Out the New Primos Mossy Oak Bottomland Gun and Bow Cases

These three new Primos cases in a classic camo pattern offer versatility and lots of convenient features.

The classic Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern is just plain cool. It was Mossy Oak's first camouflage pattern and it put them on the map.

Recently, there has been a resurgence in interest in older camouflage patterns. For a while, the race was to see who could come up with the most realistic patterns until photo-realistic leaves, branches, and other vegetation were printed on hunting garments, in varying colors and to represent different regions and climates.

After a lot of years using these seemingly endless patterns, hunters realized they didn't really work a whole heck of a lot better (if they even made a difference at all) over the old-school and relatively simple camo patterns, like Bottomland.

In particular, this pattern uses natural earth elements and colors, but is still non-specific enough to be widely versatile. And it looks awesome, kind of like a thin, vertical tiger stripe.

With this renewed interest come new products sporting old patterns, like two new gun cases and a bow case from Primos.

Primos Bottomland Shotgun Case

The Mossy Oak Bottomland Shotgun Case features 600D polyester construction with multiple pockets for ammo and more gear on the front and a choke-tube holder hidden on the inside to keep them protected, dry, and at the ready.

An extra long pocket allows the storage of a full-size cleaning rod, or any other long gear that would otherwise have to be strapped to the outside of a pack.

To that end, external webbing makes it easy to carry shooting sticks, like a Primos Trigger Stick and Trigger Stick Scabbard. It also includes a removable shoulder strap and D-rings to accommodate additional attachment methods, plus it's large enough to fit even the longest waterfowler shotguns. The dimensions are 52" long x 9" wide, and the MSRP is $74.95.

Primos Bottomland Scoped Rifle Case

The Mossy Oak Bottomland Scoped Rifle Case has been redesigned to fit all scopes and rifle pairings, which can be a lot taller than the scoped rifles of old, especially on a rifle with a pistol grip.

Like the shotgun case, the new rifle case is made of 600D polyester and includes a similar pocket and pouch layout and removable shoulder strap along with two thick carry handles that can be secured together.

This rifle bag will haul any rifle, from a rimfire to a precision centerfire, and accessories you need it to, for the range or the field.

Primos Bottomland Soft Bow Case

The Mossy Oak Bottomland Soft Bow Case is designed specifically for bow hunters (using compound bows, not crossbows).

The dimensions will fit nearly any bow with the sights attached, leaving plenty of foam padding for protection and a neoprene string and cam cover.

The case also has a full-length molded exterior pocket that's great for storing arrows or even an entire quiver. Multiple internal pockets stow other archery gear, and tuck away backpack straps allow for hands-free carrying and climbing, making it easier and safer to get set up in a treestand for the morning sit.

Plus, a set of D-rings allow the case to be hung from an UTV/ATV with ease. The MSRP reaches $109.

So, whether you're a weekend range warrior who likes to plink away with your rimfire, a hardcore waterfowl hunter carrying your gear to the blind, or a bowhunter trekking out on the opener for an all day sit, Primos has a case in Bottomland for you.

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