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Did the ATF Paperwork Process Just Get Streamlined?


National Firearms Association is working with ATF to streamline Form 4 Applications.

Firearms industry representatives recently piloted a program that may drastically shorten the processing time for Form 4 applications. The program also virtually eliminates errors in the application process by using a new barcode-generating system that links dealers directly to the NFA processing center.

The new barcode system is already approved and the NFA has begun deployment in various locations. The hardware and software for the form-generating system is available to firearm manufacturers and other industry members at no cost.

That's great. But what does it mean for me? Good question.

Dealers log on to participating industry members' websites to complete the Form 4 generator. The generator pulls data from several sources and automatically completes the form, including the appropriate FFL number, address, etc. The buyer's information, as well as the product information, are added by the dealer and the form is complete. Upon completion, the new form includes a 2D barcode.

The form is then received by the NFA processing center and scanned into the ATF's system. By using the new system, the ATF will reduce both the time to process and the number of errors on forms. The group will also be able to eliminate resources typically required for data entry, potentially lowering the cost of services.

The new system is expected to benefit both the ATF and consumers. Reduced wait times with no additional manpower is sure to make many people happy.

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Did the ATF Paperwork Process Just Get Streamlined?