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This New $500 Titanium Suppressor is Changing the Game

CapArms Suppressor

The new Magnum Suppressors from CapArms are rewriting the rule book.

When CapArms began talks of creating a new Magnum Suppressor line, they had one goal in mind. CEO Clint Gerner put it this way: “We wanted to produce an economical suppressor made from top quality material that didn’t affect the balance or performance of the gun. Plain and simple, it had to be cost-effective, lightweight, and it had to perform well.”

The crew at CapArms introduced me to the new 10″ can when it was in the prototyping stages. Yesterday, I shot the first production model available on the shelves.

This thing is a 10″ fully titanium suppressor that is chock full of out-of-the-box features. Oh, and it’s less than $500.

That’s right. With this new line, CapArms has changed the script on suppressors. No longer does one have to choose between taking his family on a vacation or buying a suppressor. The 10″ version is available online here at a price of $499, and the 6″ version carries an MSRP of $469.

CapArms Magnum Suppressor

From the factory, buyers can choose between a direct thread option, or, at no extra cost, you can go for a quick-detach option with a titanium muzzle break. Sizes range from pistol options all the way up to a can rated for .300 Win Mag. Rumor has it, full-auto rated options may be available as early as Q1 2017.

Titanium construction was used to keep the material weight down. At only 18 oz, the 10″ version felt very comfortable on the end of my DB10 in .308. A 6″ version is also available for those looking for a shorter, more maneuverable option. While the 10″ version matches a titanium shroud to a fully titanium monocore, the 6″ version mates an aluminum core to the titanium shroud.

Not enough for you? For a very small up charge, buyers can choose a custom finish to match their favorite firearm (like the distressed flat dark earth option I was playing with).

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This New $500 Titanium Suppressor is Changing the Game