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At Least Someone is Trying to Make Northern Pike Taste Good

pike taste

If you've ever eaten northern pike and immediately thought it didn't taste very good, you are not alone. 

In the essence of full disclosure, I actually like the way northern pike taste. However, many would rather eat the aluminum foil the pike was cooked on than the fish itself. Well, with that in mind, one chef in Canada is about to change all that.

Freshwater Cuisine, in Kenora, Ontario, owned by Chef Jay Barnard, has a very unique dish. As a matter of fact, some locals just can't get enough of it. His northern pike cakes are a flat out hit and he feels that it's largely due to people exploring the tastes of a fish they thought tasted awful. 

pike taste

"When you say northern pike people get scared," Barnard said in an interview. "When they go fishing and they catch a northern pike, it's slimy, it gets in the net, it smells, it's got teeth, it looks ugly, so they never keep it."

Once Barnard released his pike cake dish onto his restaurant patrons, they sold like, well, hot cakes.

"We ended up selling 709 orders of them, which is like 2,300 cakes, over the course of three months," he said. 

Next up for Barnard and his northern pike cakes is a debut on an Ontario cooking show, "Restaurants Canada Show". Here, famous local chefs show off popular dishes. It's no surprise that Barnard is right up there at the top of the list. 



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At Least Someone is Trying to Make Northern Pike Taste Good