This Artist Makes Hats for Cats out of Their Own Hair

A cat in a hat!

Now, this is the ultimate upcycling project...

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki has made a career from making hats for cats... out of their own hairballs. Don't believe us? Luckily Yamakazi has an Instagram page, rojiman, documenting his works of art.

His Scottish Fold cats, Nyaa the tabby, Mar the white cat, and Wheat the brown tiger stripey one, are his beautiful models. Here are some cats wearing hats spun from their own hairballs.

Ah, yes, the Michelin man look. 

Christmas is a popular time for cat hair hats. 

A beautiful piece of work that will showcase your cat's inner wolf.

The perfect accessory for Easter.

What a gentleman. 

Ah, the famous Princess Leia look. 

There's even a President Trump hat.

A great look for cats everywhere.

Whatever you might think about these cat hats, cat owners can agree they are better than finding fur balls all around the house...

If you want to purchase a cat hat, visit the Cat Hair Hat Collection online store. The website is in Japanese but you can poorly translate it with Google Translate or find someone who can help!

What do you think about these cat hats made of cat hair? Tell us in the comments below. 

h/t Bored Panda

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