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How to Make Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

Get ready to 'shine on around a campfire with this apple pie moonshine recipe.

Apple season is exciting for many reasons. While apples are tasty enough to eat on their own, they also make some great hard apple cider, pies, apple sauces—and, best of all, apple pie moonshine.

If you've never made moonshine before, know that it is very easy—and worth the half-day effort. We have an apply pie moonshine recipe that not only requires minimal effort, but that's so tasty, it'll quickly become a favorite that friends will ask for the recipe of and family will hope to receive as a gift.

Before we get into this great recipe, we need to set the record straight: This isn't actually real moonshine, made famous by the cooks of "white lightning," "tub thumper," "corn squeezins" or whatever you want to call the real thing. What it is, though, is a high-proof mix of autumn-time deliciousness. This apple pie moonshine alternative is sure to please anyone who is legally old enough to enjoy a taste. While it doesn't use any apple pie spice, you'll swear you're drinking a pie.

Be careful, though: This recipe makes a very smooth drink that tastes just a like liquid apple pie. You have been warned.

Apple Pie Moonshine


  • A 750-milliliter bottle of 190-proof Everclear or high-proof vodka
  • Roughly 1 cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • 1 quart apple juice
  • 3 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 10 cinnamon sticks
  • Medium stock pot
  • Six 32 oz mason jars


  1. Combine cinnamon sticks, apple cider, and apple juice in a large pot. Bring it all to a mild simmer, then add in the sugars.
  2. Stir slowly for about 5-10 minutes until all the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Turn off heat and allow to cool to room temperature. This will take several hours, but is necessary to prevent the alcohol from evaporating.
  4. Once the mixture is at room temperature, stir in the Everclear and 1-2 cups of rum.

Now, your apple pie moonshine is ready to go into jars. These make excellent Christmas gifts (hint hint). Don't be afraid to put a cinnamon stick in the jars either.

This is basically the greatest Christmas drink ever invented, and it goes great with a few apple slices to munch on as well. The shelf life isn't much of a concern, because you'll drink it well before it goes bad!

As the apple pie moonshine ages, the cinnamon and sugar blends out the alcohol taste to an almost undetectable level.

What You Need to Make Apple Pie Moonshine

1. 8-Quart Stock Pot

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2. 32 oz Mason Jars

Because what else would you drink moonshine from?

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3. Mason Jar Dispenser

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