This Squirrel Ate Too Many Crabapples and is Now Hilariously Drunk

Wildlife is just so amusing sometimes. I guess this drunk squirrel shows that everyone likes to let loose sometimes. 

Something about being drunk allows you to let all your inhibitions go. You are free from judgement and social norms, but you also lack spatial abilities.

Maybe this squirrel just wanted to let loose for once, but he couldn't have just one fermented crabapple.

Then this drunk squirrel's legs didn't really work.

I'm sure the squirrel is blaming the snow.

"I'm not drunk, game warden, I just can't get anywhere because the snow is too deep."

I was laughing as hard as the YouTube user watching this squirrel try to bound away and not getting anywhere.

Those crabapples should have had a warning on them: Don't attempt bounding in snow after ingesting when fermented.

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