These USPS Animal Stamps Are Adorable

From California to New York to Washington, DC, United States Postal Service workers process and deliver over 400 million pieces of mail per day, according to That's not only a lot of mail, but that's also a lot of postage stamps! The U.S. Postal Service requires postage stamps on all pieces of first-class mail, otherwise your outgoing mail won't get delivered. These days, you may not always be able to make it to the post office and purchase USPS stamps, especially given their limited hours.

You could always express your patriotism with the USPS forever first class postage stamps, but if you are philatelic and enjoy stamp collecting, animal stamps are a fun spin on the traditional postage stamp. So if you want to add some flair to your mail, check out these adorable animal stamps from Amazon.

Best Animal USPS Stamps

1. Forever Stamps USPS Pets Celebrate Animals in Our Lives That Bring Joy, Companionship, and Love (5 Books of 20)

Add some new stamps to your collection! This set of stamps features adorable guinea pigs, corn snakes, rabbits, and more. These commemorative stamps will make any piece of mail exciting to open.

2. Animal Rescue Sheet of Twenty 44 Cents Stamps Scott 4451-60 By USPS

These animal rescue stamps are a purrrfect addition to your stamp collection. These stamps encourage the recipient to adopt a pet. Not only are these stamps cute, but they are also for a good cause.

3. Military Working Dogs U.S. Postage Stamps Sheet of 20 Forever Postage Stamps Scott 4508B

With these stamps, you are able to combine your love for this country as well as your love for pets. These postage stamps feature four different breeds of dogs that are normally used as military service pets.

4. Bright Eyes Pets, Full Sheet of 20 x 32-Cent Postage Stamps, USA 1998, Scott 3230-34

These stamps are so bright and cheery it's almost like adding stamp art to your mail. These stamps come in a pack of 20, so all of your Christmas and birthday cards you need to send out will be stamp ready!

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