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Service Dog Receives Firefighter-Filled Birthday Surprise!

Maddox the service dog got one awesome birthday surprise with the help of the local firehouse and some dog-loving firefighters. 

Meet Maddox, a service dog. Maddox isn't just cute, he's a loving dog with a unique talent. Maddox loves to howl at fire trucks. So, when Maddox's birthday came around, his owner decided to treat him to a very special birthday surprise.

She and Maddox headed down to the local fire station, where Maddox met a bunch of firefighters. Then, for the best part of his birthday surprise... well, you need to see the video. Check it out below.

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Want to treat your dog to his own birthday surprise? There are tons of creative ways to celebrate your pet's birthday. You can buy him some special dog treats, or treat him to a new dog toy. Or, spend the day with him and do something that you both enjoy. Go for a hike, or a road trip, or take him to go visit some friends at the dog park.

Need some other ideas? What does your dog really love to do, and can never get enough of? Maybe a trip to a pond for a swim would be fun, or a long game of fetch in the backyard. You could go hiking, treat your dog to a great belly rub, or feed him a special meal. (Just don't give him too much food that he's not used to - you don't want to cause an upset stomach.)

Maddox is one lucky dog to have such a special birthday - we bet this is one trip and visit that he'll never forget!

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This article was originally published March 2, 2018.

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