Firefighters Rescue Deer Trapped Between Fence

A young deer was found literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, but thanks to a team of volunteer firefighters he was rescued without harm! 

Canadian homeowner Brian Pankratz heard a slight rustling sound over by a fence in his yard, just behind his garden. Looking down, he saw a young deer who had become stuck between the wooden slats of the fence and a few large rocks, unable to move.

"My first thought was that this was the deer that ate all my flowers! But my anger faded quickly away as I saw the little guy struggling," he said.

Forced to think fast, Pankratz called a few of his neighbors over to assess the situation, who then contacted their local fire department in Crofton, British Columbia.

Firefighters Save Deer Trapped Between Garden Fence

Petting the deer's head, a member of the Crofton Volunteer Fire Department attempted to calm the young thing before quickly roping its front feet together. Together, they then pulled the deer out from between where it was stuck and onto the grass lawn, where it was then untied and left to stand on its own.

The deer seemed a little shaken up at first, struggling to gain its balance and probably more than a little confused by the crowd of people now standing around, all hoping for its safe rescue. After only a few seconds, however, the little one simply walked away from the scene, unharmed and free to see another day.

The small town of Crofton hailed the volunteer firefighters as heroes and extended their thanks on a job well done.

"They do so much for this small community of about 2000 people. Local heroes! This was all on Father's Day!," Pankratz added.

If you happen upon a wild animal in danger, it's advised to call your local authorities before getting involved to avoid potential harm.

Have you ever been a part of a wild animal rescue? Tell us in the comments below. 

This article was originally published April 4, 2017.

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