This Mailman Built a Ramp for a Special Senior Dog on His Route

Postal workers are known for showing up no matter how rough it gets outside, and when one local mailman saw an old dog having a tough time, he stepped in with a solution. 

For a 14-year-old Labrador named Tashi, his USPS mail carrier Jeff Kramer's daily visits are an event to look forward to.

"He would just come by every day and pet him," Tashi's owner, Karen Dimetrosky, told Boulder, Colorado news outlet, Daily Camera.

"Tashi would hang outside and would always get so excited when Jeff came. He would always try to pull me towards the mail truck."

Of course, getting this elderly, arthritic pal down off the porch required his family to carry the senior pooch up and down their porch stairs, which is no easy task with a 70-pound dog in the snow. Kramer would often run over to relieve Tashi's owners of the pressure, carrying Tashi down the stairs for a visit himself.

After months of doing so, Kramer had an idea that might make everyone's experience a little more comfortable. Having once owned a senior dog himself, Kramer offered the family use of a wooden ramp to help Tashi get on and off the porch on his own, and possibly provide a little relief on everyone's backs.

The Dimetrosky's accepted, and Kramer went above and beyond by showing up on his day off to help them install the ramp for Tashi's use!

"I just noticed they needed it," Kramer stated. "I didn't need it anymore and I hate throwing things away."

The Dimestrosky's couldn't be more grateful, and Tashi is especially happy to have an easier time getting down to see his favorite visitor every day!

If you have a senior dog, or if your pooch is displaying signs of arthritis or stiff joints, you can help ease the pain by looking into these four ways to address joint health.

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