Angler Hooks a Double Header in Action-Packed Rainbow Trout Fishing Video

Rainbow trout come in spurts of  fast action as this angler hooks a double header and almost loses a rod. Watch it all on an Aqua-Vu underwater camera.

Aaron Wiebe is ice fishing on Barbe Lake in north-central Manitoba. Barbe Lake is noted for its outstanding trout fishery. In fact, Outdoor Canada magazine named it the "Best Rainbow Trout Destination."

In 2007 the World Record brook trout came from Barbe Lake, with a 29-inch long, 16-pound bruiser. A 30.5-inch rainbow trout was also the lake record and 28-inchers are not uncommon.

So Wiebe has a great opportunity to hook into some monster trout in this pike-free lake. But he probably didn't count on tangling with two nice 'bows at the same time.

He makes great use of an Aqua-Vu underwater camera, in both helping to find a prime location to set up his shanty and in actually seeing the fish attack his lures under the ice.

After he drills several holes and checks the bottom structure with the camera, he settles on what looks to be a promising spot. This location contains both weeds and rocks; perfect transitional structure that should attract fish.

He's rigged with 8-pound fluorocarbon tied to a 1/16-ounce jig holding a cut-down Jackall Cross Tail Shad. He's also working two rods at once in adjacent holes. Well, he's really working only one of the two rods. The other he's deadsticking.

We see the action of each lure - the active one and the motionless one - on the Aqua-Vu screen. We also see some very fat rainbows of pretty decent size swim by and occasionally take his lure.

rainbow trout

Suddenly Aaron hooks into a modestly sized fish and as he begins to wrestle with it a huge rainbow trout attacks his other lure! Now he's fighting both fish at the same time. I love it when he sets one of the rods down to concentrate on playing the bigger fish, and just about loses that rod down the hole as the smaller trout pulls it in.

Fighting two fish, with a rod in each hand. It doesn't get much more intense than that.

After landing both fish he quickly releases the smaller rainbow and measures its bigger companion. It goes a whopping twenty-five inches, which nets Wiebe Master Angler honors, beating the twenty inch minimum by a full five inches.

I have to say, this video was almost as much fun watching as it must have been for Wiebe actually catching those fish.

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