Angler Goes Overboard After Pompano, and the Laughter is Infectious

As an angler goes overboard the laughter from his buddies is just so infectious that we doubt you'll be able to keep yourself from laughing right along with them.

He's got a pompano floating in the water and his buddy is encouraging him: "Grab the fish, Eddie! Grab it! Don't lose it! Don't lose it!" So, Eddie leans over the side, does his best, know what happens next. Yup, overboard he goes!

His mates on the boat bust a gut! As Eddie smiles and collects himself - and his pompano - the laughter of his boatmates will have your face hurting from smiling or laughing with them.

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So, if you needed a little something to brighten your day up a bit, just give this little Instagram video a watch and we guarantee you'll be feeling better almost immediately.

All's well that ends well. Eddie got his fish - and a bath. His friends got a heckuva good laugh. And so did we.

This video is from Instagram user SNAGFISH and if you're into absolutely awesome pics of fish and marine life - and a few videos - this is an account you will want to follow. There are some wicked good photographs on their wall.

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