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Let’s Go On a Neature Walk with Lenny Pepperbottom and Rodney [VIDEO]


“This is an aspen. You can tell that it’s an aspen tree because of the way it is. How neat is that!”

Lenny Pepperbottom desperately wants to be a naturalist and host of his own nature program. The trouble is, Lenny doesn’t really know anything about nature, except that it’s “neat!” He’s also enlisted a less than stellar film crew, seeing as his crew consists of one friend named Rodney who has very questionable film and production skills.

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Lenny’s tagline is, “How neat is that!” which he declares whenever anything neat actually occurs (not very often) or whenever he is overwhelmed by the wonder of nature (often). What Lenny lacks in knowledge, experience, wisdom, or any level of competence, he makes up for in enthusiasm and joyful appreciation.


Of course Neature Walk is a silly spoof of the many nature shows that seem to clog the television airwaves these days, and it’s clearly a low budget comedy project. But still, there’s something engaging and sympathetic about the character of Lenny. Neature Walk has a few short episodes on their website, where they also sell t-shirts with Lenny’s catch-phrases, such as “That’s pretty neat” and “G-dang it!”

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Let’s Go On a Neature Walk with Lenny Pepperbottom and Rodney [VIDEO]