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Hushin Fishes for Goliath Grouper and Almost Goes Overboard


Hushin and Outlaw join BlacktipH and try their hand at fishing for goliath grouper. Things get intense as the grouper threatens to pull them overboard.

Eric Chesser from Hushin, and YouTuber Outlaw, get on board the BlacktipH boat and head out for a day of fishing. They’ve got goliath grouper, bonito, shark and more on the hit list.

It’s a whole lotta rod bending action.

The excitement is running high as it seems like they’re catching one fish after the other. For the guys from the interiorEric’s from Idaho and I’m not sure where Outlaw is from (another planet maybe!)this is some monstrous fish action the likes of which they’ve never experienced before.

But Josh from BlacktipH gives them good instruction and helps to keep them from being pulled overboard.

Jared (Outlaw) is up first and he gives it all he’s got. He catches and releases a giant goliath grouper, but not before a little close call at the edge of the boat.

Then it’s Eric’s turn. Josh asks Eric, “Alright Eric, first goliath grouper. Are you nervous?”

“A little bit,” he answers. “After watching Jared getting yanked in almost.”

The crew grab hold of Eric and the rod and help him land a monstrous goliath. “Pulled in the biggest fish of my life,” he happily reported. They crew had goliath smashing bonito on the surface and bull shark ripping into baitfish.

“Another awesome day in the ocean,” concludes Eric. “Got my first goliath grouper, first bonito…and these guys killed it too.”

“If you guys saw the size of the goliath that ate Eric’s bait,” says Josh. Pointing to Jared he says, “This guy literally thought it was a whale. He actually thought it was a whale. He didn’t think it was a goliath grouper. It was three times the size of any fish we caught today in this video. It was insane. It was massive! 600 pounds!”

That’s a good day.

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Hushin Fishes for Goliath Grouper and Almost Goes Overboard