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Ice Anglers Spear a Giant Sturgeon

YouTube: Jeff Schweitzer

Witness some furious action as an excited angler fights and lands a monster sturgeon, all to a hilarious soundtrack.

This is the most entertaining video of a successful sturgeon spear I've seen. The action is fast, the anglers are pumped and the soundtrack fits the video perfectly!

If this video doesn't make you want to go sturgeon spearing, nothing will.

Watch the clip below:

The big fish tipped the scale at 104 pounds and 72 inches and was harvested during this year's sturgeon spearing season on Lake Poygan, Wisconsin.

The song is "Spear Me a Sturgeon" from the outdoor sportsman comedy rap parody band Shad-Rapp's 1996 album, "Double Barrel."

This year's season saw 46 giant sturgeon speared (over 100 pounds).

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Ice Anglers Spear a Giant Sturgeon