Amazing Underwater Footage Shows the Finicky Side of Walleye

Sometimes an easy meal isn't tempting enough when you're a walleye.

Have you ever wondered how many fish eye-ball your bait but flat-out refuse to bite? It happens more than you think, but until the advent of underwater cameras, we never definitively realized just how often. Take this incredible video montage Ashley Rae compiled. We think it's an eye-opener.

While ice fishing for walleye on Ontario's Bay of Quinte, Rae utilized a MarCum LX-9 camera to get a glimpse into the underwater world. What she recorded is certainly revealing. And as you're about to see, walleye can be exceptionally lazy at times, turning their noses up at easy-to-crush baits that are tantalizingly fluttering right in their face.

Here's the incredible in-action:

It didn't take much for that first fish to bite, but those after her definitely had a case of the old lock-jaw.

Technology has certainly opened our eyes to the action that goes on below the surface of the water. And with it comes both a thrill - and frustration - depending on the mood of the fish.

For more great fishing videos, check out Rae's YouTube CHANNEL. You can also follow along on her adventures through her informative and entertaining BLOG.

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