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Tessa Shetter/Instagram

15 Instagram Fly Gals You Need to Follow

Love fly fishing? These lady anglers sure do, and their Instagram pages are most definitely worth a look.

What's not to love about fly fishing? It's like poetry in motion, an art form, a tradition from the past. In my eyes, it's the purest form of angling - a strategic and cunning game of 'fish and fly.' But it's a craft that takes skill, and that can only be honed from plenty of time spent on the water.

We decided to scour Instagram to bring you 15 pages that we felt deserved a follow. On each, you'll find stunning images of fish, scenery, and everything fly-related. These ladies know their stuff - and it's a real treat to follow each as they take us along on their amazing fly fishing adventures.

Tessa Shetter

April Vokey

Latest blog is up and featuring @riverescapes @aussieflyfisher @flyfusionmag Thanks for reading! #flyfishing

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Rebekka Redd

Maddie Lewis

Maddie Brenneman

#tbt to one of my favorite days troutin #flyfishing @costasunglasses #seewhatsoutthere

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Erica Outdoors

Shyanne Orvis

It's colder than it looks ?

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Ivy O'Guinn

Abbie Schuster

Gracie Cier

Camille Egdorf

Heather Hodson

Trigger Thursday - My new found love and fishing addiction. Trigger fish are one of the strongest and hardest fish I've had the pleasure of fishing for thus far. All conditions have to be right to catch this fish. Don't be fooled by this grip and grin. These fish are not just given to you, you have to work for them. I casted to at least 75 and only hooked 8. If you haven't spooked them after tip toeing to their feeding zone, getting into the correct casting position with less wind in your face, judge the ocean tide and current; now it's imperative to make a perfect cast (sometimes on the bullseye of 2 feet from the fish). If you don't scare them with your fly presentation, line and leader or your shadow then the next obstacle is their blue trevally buddy who will usually take the fly before them. If you get lucky and actually hook one several things could go wrong.... First they may completely bite your fly in half. Second break you off in the corral and third burry themselves in their corral home. If and when everything has been perfectly executed, the end result is a unique and incredibly beautiful beast of a fish who will take you into your backing in a blink of an eye. Did I mention I'm officially addicted and thrive on getting out of my fishing comfort zone to challenge my abilities?? #addicted #triggerfish #perfectyourcast #upforthechallenge #chaseit #earned #huntress #toothycritter #smilesformiles #saltwaterfishing #flyfishing #fishlikeagirl #unitedwomenonthefly #CXI #getoutofyourcomfortzone @winstonrods @nautilusflyreels @simmsfishing @ragingriversales @deschutesangler @yellowdogflyfishing @airflousa

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Malorie C.

Gabriela Suggs

Days of research, miles of hiking, hours of stalking- Landing a Golden Trout in Colorado is worth it all.

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Tonanzin Romero

Was all smiles when I seen this girl break the surface! @fishonenergy

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Looking for more great Instagram accounts to follow? We've compiled two lists that you'll want to check out:

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