Altor Corp Single Shot 9mm
YouTube:Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch Tests the Unusual Altor Corps Single Shot 9mm Pistol

The Altor Corp is likely the strangest gun you'll see this week.

Throughout the long and storied history of firearms, people have tried many unusual handgun designs in pursuit of innovation. That's where the Altor Corps single shot chambered in 9mm luger comes in. This unusual gun looks more like the sprayer you'd attach to your garden hose than a firearm.

It's a very weird gun that clearly wasn't designed with ergonomics or accuracy in mind. The overall length is only about six inches. We're also not surprised to see Matt of Demolition Ranch bought one. Matt seems to have an affinity for the unusual.

Watch him put the Altor Corp pistol through its paces. Believe it or not, he even comes up with some practical uses for such an unusual firearm.

This is one of the funniest gun reviews we've seen in a while. Matt did an excellent job showcasing the features of this most unusual firearm. We were curious to learn more about this firearm and turned to our sister site: for a little more information.

It turns out the Altor single shot pistol is also available in .380 ACP, so you've got at least two ammo options here. As you already saw in this video, the barrel length is extremely short at only an inch or two. That means accuracy isn't going to be the greatest, but that's not really what this single shot pistol is about.

The biggest selling point is the price point. With an MSRP of only around $100, this is the cheapest handgun one could buy. As Matt notes, it's even cheaper than your standard Hi-Point pistol. It's also just as ugly! If you're up on your firearms history, you're probably thinking of the FP-45 liberator here. The Liberator was a gun designed by the Allies during World War II. The idea behind that single shot handgun was to drop thousands behind enemy lines where unarmed citizens could use them to take out occupying German soldiers. The plan was never put into action.

While it's likely to draw a lot of Liberator comparisons, we'd say the Altor corp single shot 9mm more closely resembles the Deer Gun, another war time liberation handgun developed by the CIA for use in Vietnam. It's almost as if Altor took inspiration from the deer gun as they are both chambered in 9mm and both look like a garden hose sprayer!

As Matt noted in his review, this isn't really something you'd use as your primary concealed carry gun. However, it could be the backup to your semi auto Sig or Glock. It could also function as the backup to your backup derringer. While we really hope we never have to use the Altor pistol in self-defense, we also would take it over nothing at all.

The Altor Corp Single Shot is an unusual firearm, but we could see it having a small, niche market because of the low street price and use as a bug-out bag or cache gun. One thing is for sure, it certainly made for a highly entertaining Demoltion Ranch video!

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