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Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns of All Time

Concealed carry is an important topic these days.

Everyone has their own take on concealed carry. Everyone also has their own take on what is the best gun to carry is. Here is list of the top ten.

Guns, guns, and more guns. Some men just can’t get enough of guns. With that comes plenty of preferences and plenty of opinions.

The Yankee Marshal put together this video of the top ten concealed carry guns in his mind. He goes through all 10 spots and gives you a nice description of each gun along with some pros and cons on why he placed it where he did.

Some factors he dug into were caliber size, safety placement, size of the gun in general, accuracy, overall feel, and the overall capacity.

You may disagree with some of his choices, but you can’t argue his knowledge. He knows his stuff.

Before you freak out and start to insult the man because he forgot to mention your favorite carry pistol, relax. He clearly states, this is just his opinion from experience. If you feel like there is something he missed, well tough.

Best advice we can give you is to make your own video of you think the top ten concealed carry guns should be.

The Chiappa Rhino 200DS is the gun that stood tall on top of his list. The Rhino is a .357 revolver that holds 6 rounds of ammunition. The only con he thinks it has is the capacity and some may say it is fugly.

If you are looking for a concealed carry gun, check out what this list has to offer, and you might just find one that fits you.


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Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns of All Time