Facebook/Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

10-Foot, 2-Inch Alligator Spotted Underneath Parked Car in Florida

The alligator mating season always brings surprises, like this 10-foot beast hiding out under a parked car.

Do you approach your vehicle cautiously each and every time, checking above, around, and beneath it before you even open the door?

Of course you don't, nearly no one would be that paranoid. Unless, of course, you live in Tampa, Florida where alligators are now sneaking around under cars. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded to a call to an apartment complex, where a huge gator had found its way under a parked car.

Okay, so only one was spotted but it was enough to make headlines, as well as some pretty great body camera footage from a local Tampa Sheriff's deputy. Law enforcement members, as well as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, helped capture the 10-foot, 2-inch-long reptile and load it up into the back of a pickup truck.

FOX 13 News reported that no people were harmed and that the gator was given to a nuisance alligator trapper who planned to transfer it to an alligator farm.

Since alligator mating season typically runs from the courtship phase in early April, to breeding in May or June. By late June or early July, female alligators will lay close to 40 eggs which will hatch around August or early September. That's according to the Florida Wildlife Commission, which works tirelessly to manage and conserve the state's alligator populations with sound measures, educational outreach, and collaborative efforts.

You can respect and protect them, but seeing one under your car as you prepare to head off to work for the day would be a better jumpstart than black coffee!