Bull Moose
Screenshot via: Fox 31 Denver

Footage Shows Young Bull Moose Taking Out Rut Frustrations on Parked Car

 This young bull put some fresh dents and scratches in this car!

Now that fall is officially here, breeding season is starting for many deer, elk and moose species across North America. It's a stressful time of year for the animals when the rut starts, especially the younger ones that are usually beaten up by the older, dominant males.

Usually in the wild, moose will unleash some of their frustration and mark up territory by rubbing or sparring with trees. However, in this video, this young bull has found a parked car and is instead using it as a makeshift sparring partner.

This footage was captured by Chris Devlin in Boulder County, Colorado. The owner of the car was nowhere to be seen, which is why you'll hear him laying on his own horn trying to get the animal to leave the vehicle alone.

Fox 31 News reports that after the moose left the area, Devlin left a note for the car owner explaining what had happened. It's a good thing there was a witness or there might have been a very confused car owner later. At least there is proof of what happened for the insurance company!

This bull looks to be extremely young and has probably already had his butt kicked a few times by the other bulls in the area. Obviously, he has a lot of pent-up anger and frustration and this car just happened to be in the way. It makes us wonder if perhaps he saw his own reflection in the car's body and thought it was another bull?

In any case, giving moose a wide berth is a wise decision at any time of year. However, it pays to keep extra distance this time of year when the animals are riled up. This situation ended well all things considered since the only thing hurt was the car. Although that is going to be an interesting conversation for the owner at the body shop when the workers ask what happened!

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