Florida Alligator Gets a Violent Stomping From Angry Wild Horse

This big alligator found out how not to sneak up on a wild horse and paid the price!

Wild horses are known for being spooky and wildly unpredictable. They can go from being calm one minute to running franticly the next. They can also have a real temper if you get too close. This monster Florida alligator found out that getting too close can come with some serious consequences.

More specifically, a real thrashing from the horse's sharp hooves. The gator never really sees this butt-whipping coming either.

WARNING: Some explicit language.

The above video was shot in Paynes Praire, a nature preserve in Florida known for its large alligators. The alligator seemed to be simply minding his own business when the horse decided it was just a little too close to the rest of the herd. Rather than running away, the horse decided to beat the gator up and force it leave. The alligator nearly clamped a jaw down on the horse's leg, but the horse was fortunate to get away.

It seems the alligator knew it was outmatched, and rather than stay and fight, it decided to back away. Probably a wise decision. The size and speed advantage goes to the horse in this scenario and we have no doubt it could have killed that gator if it really wanted to do so.

This just goes to show you that you never know what is going to happen when you point the camera at wild animals. While sometimes all you get is a photo, other times you walk away with some very unique experiences caught on tape.

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