giant alligator

Absolutely Giant Alligator Crashes Golf Tournament and Steals the Show

Watch this giant alligator put on a show and march right down the fairway!

Golf courses have long been the home of big alligator sightings all over the Southeastern United States. This time it was a South Carolina golf tournament that showcased an absolutely giant alligator.

Watch the video below to watch this huge reptile steal the show!

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I am sure you all remember when the famous golf course dinosaur was filmed just a few months ago. Well, this one must have gotten jealous and decided he wanted a bit of the lime light.

In all seriousness, though, golf courses seem to provide the ideal habitat for these seemingly lazy reptiles. This habitat usually provides plenty of water, food, and sunshine to keep them content as they transition from one body of water to the next.

Year after year, these magnificent reptiles continue to show up when and where least expected. Next time you try to hit your ball from the edge of the water hazard, you may want to look in the water first.

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