Alligator Sanctuary
YouTube: Craig Matherne

Man Hand-Feeds and Pets Friendly Alligator in Sanctuary

This gator just wants some treats and head pats.

The American alligator is a fearsome predator that will eat anything and everything they might run across in the wild. Generally, you do not want to mess around with one. Above all, you should never try petting one or hand-feeding an alligator in the wild. We think most people are smart enough to not try anything like that.

Some alligators can become accustomed to humans to some degree though. Such is the case at this alligator sanctuary in Louisiana. One gator is a large female named Betty and the leader of this tour group regularly brings her meals.

The large reptile will jump up on the side of the boat just to get some of that tasty fish the guide is bringing. Unbelievably, he also pets the alligator a few times without the big reptile taking a swipe at him!

Most of you are probably thinking this alligator had exposure to humans at a young age and you would be correct. The video's uploader, Craig Matherne, explains in the video's description that Betty, and at least five other friendly alligators live in a 1,400 acre preserve walled off just for the big reptiles. The video explains that the area is surrounded by large levees to keep people out, except for the private tours his group operates.

He also notes that many of the alligators living within the preserve are relocated animals that were either pets that got too large or are nuisance animals that were moved to the preserve after being captured elsewhere. He also makes sure to note that you should never pet or feed a wild alligator.

Yeah, we do not think we were ever going to try that. Alligators are too large an unpredictable for us to try making friends! Still, this makes for quite the entertaining video and is something you just do not see every day!

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