Alligator RC Boat

RC Boat Gets Eaten by Alligator After Angler Tries Using the Toy To Catch Fish

This alligator decided a children's toy makes a good snack!

There are many ways to catch a fish and it seems the Internet is coming up with new ones all the time. In recent years, one of the hot trends has been drone fishing. While it works sometimes, in others it leads to rather disastrous results that are still entertaining to watch. So, of course it only makes sense to try using an RC boat to catch some fish.

The guys from the popular urban bowhunting channel SEEK ONE are down in Florida to do a little fishing for invasive Oscars and cichlids. On the way to the fishing spot, Lee Ellis has a lightbulb go off in his head when he sees a child's RC boat in the truck.

Eventually, he hooks it up with a line and lure and becomes determined to catch a fish with it. He does succeed after much trial and error, but the experiment attracts the attention of another Florida resident. An alligator. The next thing he knows, the gator is gobbling up the children's toy before their very eyes. The gator attack happens around the 14:40 mark, but the whole video is quite entertaining.

Well, there you have it. It is not every day that one sees an alligator eating a toy boat like that. We expected that gator to spit that boat out once it realized it was plastic, but it seems it took down into the depths with it. Looks like Lee owes a five-year-old a new toy boat!

This was also the first time we had heard about invasive Oscar fish down in Florida. It feels like there is a new invasive species being added every other day at this point. These guys filled up a whole live well and still hardly made a dent in the population.

At least from the catch and cook at the end we can surmise the Oscars are good eating. Hopefully that will incentivize a few more anglers to target and remove them because the Sunshine State has more than enough issues with invasive species!

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