Alligator Deer Hunt
YouTube: Georgia Outdoor News

Huge Alligator Lumbers Past Hunter's Treestand, Plops Down in His Bait Pile

That's not something you see from the treestand every day.

Ever have one of those days in the stand where conditions seem perfect, but it the deer just don't seem to be moving? We have all had days like that and it can be quite frustrating when your sense of anticipation is so high.

However, sometimes there are external factors at play affecting the hunt you may not be aware of. At least until those factors make themselves blatantly obvious. Such was the case for an unnamed bowhunter recently in Macon County, Georgia.

The hunter heard something walking to the stand and got excited, until he saw what was really making the noise. It was a monstrous alligator. In an unbelievable turn of events, the huge reptile plops down to rest right next to the hunter's pile of corn!

The description states the alligator eventually left in the direction of the hunter's truck just before dark. Stories like this make me glad I live and hunt in southwest Michigan! I don't have to worry about stuff like this up here.

If this hunter was having a slow day in the stand, we think this alligator explains it! According to the video's description, the hunter was more than 1,500 yards from the nearest river and pond. However, the rumor of the area is that a 13-footer lurks in those waters. It's hard to tell from this video just how large this gator is, but it certainly looks sizeable.

In any case, what a strange sight to see in a stand of pine trees. It makes us wonder just what this alligator was up to that made him decide to go for a walk in the woods. Whatever the reason, that's some truly bad luck to have this large predator lay down next to the hunter's corn. We're guessing he didn't see any deer during this hunt!

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