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Alligator Proudly Struts Across Course with Big Fish in Front of Stunned Golfers

This gator seems awfully proud of his catch!

Every angler knows that rush of adrenaline that comes when you finally catch a big fish. We admit, we enjoy showing that big catch off to our friends and family. Catching the big one will put a certain spring in your step for the rest of the day at the very least.

Which is why we can totally relate to this alligator on a golf course. The big reptile has what appears to be a large carp in its jaws and it is on its way to the next pond with it.

The scene takes place on a golf course and this gator seems overly proud of his latest catch as he confidently struts across the cart path.

We love the stunned commentary from the woman shooting the video. It is true, you do not see the food chain in action every day, especially not while trying to escape from the sandtraps at our local links.

The fish in the gator's jaws appears to be a large carp of some kind. We would have liked to see the moment that led to the big reptile capturing it. It almost looks like this big guy is strutting with pride over this catch doesn't it?

This type of sight is not all that uncommon on many Florida golf courses. While they add an additional hazard to your usual game of golf, they have also served as an additional course attraction for some locations. For instance, the 15-16-foot beast that inhabits Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto has gone viral several times when golfers captured video of it moving between ponds. The big gator has lovingly been given the nickname "Chubbs."

Looks like the alligator in this video ate well that day. We are just glad someone was there to capture this cool scene on camera!

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